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The Mill London : #THISISBOSS

Hugo Boss creative director Jason Wu collaborated with video artist and director Marco Brambilla on fashion film ” #THISISBOSS.” Marco and The Mill created a mesmerizing art piece that screened during the Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week in the World Trade Center.

Starring model Suvi Koponen, the inspiration for the art piece was a dialogue between art, technology and nature. Marco comments: “It’s a visual poem that takes you on a journey through nature, psychologically and visually, and brings you back to the real world.” 

2D Lead Corey Brown had the task of bringing together 50 shot scenes of the forest and Suvi, and combining them to create the ethereal fairytale. Corey multiplied Suvi wearing the flowing column dress, creating the illusion that she has spawned multiple versions of herself throughout the forest. The foliage on the forest floor was filmed during the day, then added in by Corey to the final twilight scene to give the shadowy world a completely unique look.

Mikey Rossiter was the colorist on the fashion film. He adds, “Marco and I collaborated closely, and ended up with a really beautiful and unconventional grade. The goal was to have a three tone color palette, using only the vibrant greens of the forest, atmospheric cyan blue, and the white of the lights and Suvi’s dress. Since it was originally shot in 4K, we graded it in the New York studio’s 4K color suite, which really affected the approach. It was a perfect space to push the look quite far creatively, while keeping it cinematic. The final version was projected during the runway show, and it was valuable to see it projected large as we crafted the end film’s look.”Of the final film, Jason Wu says: “I wanted to present a completely different take on BOSS. This film expresses a marriage of nature and technology, classical versus hi-tech.” 

#THISISBOSS” will open Jason Wu’s second runway show for Hugo Boss. It is also the second collaboration between The Mill and Hugo Boss with Marco Brambilla, which began in 2013 with “Anthropocene.”